optional script for Marathi

Madhukar N. Gogate mngogate at VSNL.COM
Sat Apr 2 02:14:05 UTC 2005

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Marathi  Vidnyan  Parishad  (MVP)   Pune Branch
Phone(020) 24337574 (8-9 am 2-3 pm 9-10 pm)
mngogate at vsnl.com     www.mngogate.com  and
Institution of  Engineers (India) Pune Local  Centre
Phone (020) 25533376 ieiplc at vsnl.com   present
Two talks in Marathi    on Tuesday 19 April  2005

paryaayi roman lipi    (Optional Roman Script ) by
M N Gogate 6 pm to 6-30 pm    (see note below)

sunaami  aan'i  pashchim  kinaaraa  ( Tsunami  and
western coast)by Dr Arun Bapat 6-30 pm onward

at  Institution  of  Engineers,  Jangli Maharaj Road,
Shivajinagar, Pune.  All welcome.  Please circulate

---------------------  Note  ----------------------
Use  Roman  lipi  (English symbols) for Marathi, if
printing /email in Devanagari  script is not available
Some sounds -- a (a-alone) aa (a-art)  v (w-wind)
(t d n l) (t' d' n' l') similar to  d (th-they) d' (d-dog)
No rhasva-dirgha.  hindi = hindee  Respell  police,
company  (etc English words) =  polis, kampani in
Marathi.  (sarakaara) in Devanagari = (sarkaar) in
Roman, as per sound. Use small  letters, & 3 dots
to end a sentence and capitals to start unrespelled
names. See M12 etc in website. Few poem lines-
vrukshavalli  aamhaa  soyari  vanachare,  pakshihi
susvare aal'aviti... chitta shuddha tari  shatru mitra
hoti, vyaaghrahi na khaati sarpa tayaa...-Tukaram

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