A Concise History of Magars

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Sat Apr 23 02:08:11 UTC 2005

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Dear Dr. Thrasher,

Do you have those books there ? Wonderful ?  How did you get those book here ?  I had written those books in light of Nepalse social dynamism after 1990.

There has been a remarkable social change, after we had been able to restore democracy in Nepal in 1990.

"Janajati ra Bahunbad'  is collection of my articles primarily for the cultural and linguistic rights of indigenous proples or the disadvantaged peoples of Nepal. Those articles are out come of 'activism' . Honestly, not very serious ones.

There is yet another small booklet of 100 pages, Sanchhipta Magar Itihas [ A Concise History of Magars]. with me here.

I will try to find in the LOC catalog. I hope I can surf your catalog. Currently, I am working on Kusunda language. When I finish and publish it I will of course send it to you there.



Allen W Thrasher <athr at loc.gov> wrote:
Dear Dr. Rana,

Are you referring to either of these books which you can find in the LOC online catalog? (LC-ALA transliteration is used which follows spelling rather than pronunciation, and so includes silent a's):

Janajati ra bahunavada
Gorakha magaraharu

Thanks for assintence with future publications of the Langhali Association USA.

Allen Thrasher

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