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John Peterson jpeterso at UNI-OSNABRUECK.DE
Mon Feb 21 04:28:32 UTC 2005

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Daniel Krasa has asked me to forward this email to the list as he is not a
member and since I am currently travelling in India and do not have any
reference materials available at the moment to be of any help to him.

Any responses can be sent directly to him, although I would also
appreciate a copy for my homepage! Thanks!

All the best,

---------------------- Ursprüngliche Nachricht ----------------------
Betreff: Lambadi/Banjari
Von:     "Daniel Krasa" <dkrasa at hotmail.com>
Datum:   Sam, 19.02.2005, 13:01
An:      jpeterso at uni-osnabrueck.de

Dear Mr Peterson,

my name is Daniel Krasa, I am an Austrian linguist and I am currently
writing a grammar on Lambadi/Banjari for a German publisher. I wonder if
you  know about any material published on this language and/or any other
linguists who might be into research of the same field.

It would be nice to hear from you.
All the best!

Daniel Krasa

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