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Marathi  July 2005   is a note on optional Roman lipi
for Marathi. See M12, M11, E04 (12 to 26) E03 in  Reply to mngogate at
Yes (if interested) No (if uninterested)  in such notes
in future, for practice in Marathi (in Roman). Current
script  has merits. Use it, but if there are problems of
fonts, emails etc, use Roman lipi. It is made phonetic
and is available on English machines. Please circulate
M12  Tips -- a (alone) aa (a-art) v (w-win) ae (a-at)
d (th-they) d' (d-dog)  likewise (t t'  n n'  l l' ) e (egg)
ao (aw-law) u (u-pull ) rhasva = dirgha ( lipi = lipee)
i (his) o (ok)  j (jam) j' (s-his) likewise (ch ch') (jh z )
Use smalls (a-z), 3 dots at end of sentences in a para
but 1 dot for last /single sentence. Use capitals (A-Z)
to start unrespelled names (Mary etc), English words
in Marathi (Baby etc) until we respell them (bebi etc)
Examples --  bahudhaa Gas Cylinder mul'e imaaratit
aag  laagli  asaavi... malaa  Icecream aavad'te... kaal
sarva Paper ushiraa aale... he chitra Germany madhe
ghetle...  yaa lipich'aa  prasaar karaavaa...  1.3 =  ek
purn'aank tin dashaansh haa ullekh sopaa naahi... ek
bindu tin ase mhan'aave...   bhaashaa sugam karaavi.
Explanation -  Prefer respelled phonetic words gaes,
silind'ar, aaiskrim,  pepar,  jarmani.  Read  (he) as in
(he-help). A capital is not used as a sentence-starter
so 3 dots for clarity. Symbols will evolve with usage.
Marathi talk on (bhukampa va imaarati /earthquakes
and buildings) by Er Arun Purandare on Tue 19 July
at 6-30 pm arranged by (at) Institution of  Engineers
Shivajinagar, Pune India Ph 25533376  and Marathi
Vidnyan Parishad ( Pune Branch ) c/o M N Gogate.
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