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On closer examination of the picture, it is definitely not Ganesha.  What I thought was a trunk, seems to be the priests hand adjusting some kind of headdress.
The sari likje thing is common traditional male attire in traditional India - Dhoti, or in it's religious form Uparana.
The picture is not very good and it could be almost any deity.  The Cobra does suggest Vishnu (and the sanke is Kaliya)
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	I think the snake is not Kaliya, but just a naga stone, a fairly standard icon, which may well have no connection to the statue.  They are discussed in Jean Philippe Vogel's classic Indian Serpent-Lore (1st ed., 1926). 
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	>>> bk_rana at YAHOO.COM 07/21/05 1:17 PM >>>
	Every hindu good or goddess  wears 'sari' kind of thing with a little variety. But yes, she seems to be a female deity. Her the part tells that.
	And, I don't see any mouse either. That is serpent  king Kaliya.  Myth tells Krishana had once suppressed 'Kaliya' . But the deity is not any of Krishana too. Krishana  does not have four hands.

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