Summer Urdu program at Johns Hopkins

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SAIS-Johns Hopkins University to Pioneer Summer Urdu

May 21 to July 30, 2005
Washington, DC

Convenient Dupont Circle location
Convenient weekend and evening hours

On Saturdays during the day and Tuesday evenings, the South Asia Studies
Program at SAIS-Johns Hopkins University will offer a summer Urdu course
open to selected students and professionals in the Washington, DC area.
The course is designed to bring participants well into the equivalent of
the second year of a two-year SAIS language course sequence. In an
Urdu-speaking environment, we will practice understanding, speaking,
reading, and writing Urdu. The ability to understand short, authentic
spoken and written passages will be emphasized, with special foci on
different styles of argumentation and on different genres of journalistic

Basic knowledge of the Urdu script is expected (and doable by May 21).

The instructor has taught elementary and intermediate Urdu courses at the
University of Pennsylvania since 2002, and pioneered the SAIS-Johns
Hopkins Urdu course in spring 2005.

For more information on studying Urdu this summer at SAIS, please contact
Maggie Ronkin at mronkin1 at

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