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Madhukar N. Gogate mngogate at VSNL.COM
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English and Marathi (regarding few recent queries to me)
Written 1 June 2005. Circulate. --  mngogate at vsnl.com
Refer www.mngogate.com Indexpage date 1 May 2005
Inner pages (22 Dec 2004) were revised - time to time -
# 1 #       Use symbols available on usual English-serving
machines. They may vary languagewise (indexpage note)
E02 para 17 (English) d (dog) v (victory) (i-kin ee-keen)
E03 M12 (Marathi) d (th-they) v (w-wind) (hindi hindee
may be equated). Respelling of Cake- keik (E) kek (M).
Few Marathi spellings & sounds are in.E05, E03 para 9

# 2 #        Assume here aa (a-art) ae (a-apple) aw (law)
Pronunication of many English words varies. Respellings
should match the standards fixed by a global committee.
Examples -- Mass (maes ? maas ?) Ball (baal ? bawl ?)

# 3 #    (E02) is not Globish of Mr Nerriere (in France).
Check it on Internet. See E01 E02 footnotes, year1999

# 4 #       Reform some symbols for clarity. Type (r)(n),
omit brackets. Symbols merge = (m).  l = L ? one ? etc

# 5 #    Refer M12 E02 para16,19, 27. Three dots (...)
help transition. Use smalls (a-z)only. Single dots will not
be visible as the sentence-enders in a para. Use capitals
(A-Z) for starting names (unrespelled,  for sentiments &
documents) and for starting several words, say (Police),
until people learn, and digest the respellings, say (polis).
Reforms will take time. A sentence-starting capital may
baffle. Is the first word a name? an unrespelled word ?

# 6 #      Marathi script has 3 tiers. Word surya ( = sun)
has 5 letters in Roman &  2 composite letters in Marathi
lipi (symbol of s + u-mark below)(symbol of y + r-mark
above). Use familiar Marathi lipi & its software.  Do use
Roman if problems (Email etc)arise. Already people use
linear A-Z Roman based directories. E04 para 12 to 26

# 7 #       Police = polis in Marathi (in current & Roman
script). Phonetically spelled (sarkaar) appeals to people.
Transliteration ( sarakaara) matching with current script,
appeals to Scholars. (sarkaar) (= Govt) read (Sir Car)

# 8 #    Marathi poem - lines. (See 3 dots) kharaa to ek
jagi dharma... jagaalaa prem arpaave... (- Sane Guruji)
Institution of Engineers (India) Pune Local Centre Phone
25533376 ieiplc at vsnl.com & Marathi VidnyanParishad
Pune branch c/oM N Gogate Phone 24337574 will hold
a public Marathi talk on Tue 21 June 2005 (6-30 pm) at
Institution of Engineers Hall, Shivajinagar,  Pune 411005.
Speaker --  Mr P B. Patil (Chemical Engineer) Subject -
Hazardous Chemicals in Cities (shaharaatil dhokaadaayi
rasaayane) sarvaani yaave... prasaar karaa... aabhaar...

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