Marathi April 2007

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  Marathi April 2007.Usually some Roman
  script Marathi sample every month. (Not 
  now). Marathi Devanagari script, pdf 100
  kb attachment is enclosed -- 3 pages on
  science popularization work, and a page 
  on 2 scripts. If it is absent, then Marathi
  knowers (in India & World) may email to
  me (mngogate1932 at .Write
  in subject - send pdf 100 kb attachment.
  (Few egroups do not relay attachments)
  Read impact of English on Marathi (note
  E14) and limitations of Marathi language 
  pages 567(Marathi note M09) in website
  ( Its indexpage has
  my preferred email yahoo ID, avoid other
  vsnl ID. Circulate -- Madhukar N.Gogate
  Translation of Marathi notes unavailable.

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