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For an article I am preparing on language-contact issues in South Asia, to
be included in a compendium of studies on this phenomenon world-wide, I'd
like to hear from people who have articles or works to suggest that have
appeared in the last 20 years. I will rely for earlier summaries on the
chapter in Shapiro and Schiffman (Language and Society in S. Asia) back in
the early 80's.

The usual subtopics would of course be:  creolization and pidginization,
India as a linguistic area, the influence of English, and related topics.
More recently, there has been work on grammaticalization in Indian
languages, and the similarities between Indo-Aryan and Dravidian phenomena
such as "vector" verbs, the development of auxiliary verbs, aspectual
verbs, etc. and areal contact phenomena in this regard.  Another topic
might be the loss of small minority languages as assimilation to other
more dominant languages in the region takes place.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions people might have.


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