New Book: Old and New Perspectives on South Asian Languages

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Happy New Year to All!

I thought this may be of interest to the readers of this list (published
by MLBD in Delhi).

John P.
Title:   Old and New Perspectives on South Asian Languages - Grammar and

Editor:Colin P. Masica

Year Of Publication: 2007.

Bibilio Details:357 p. + index

ISBN (HB):9788120832084

About the book: This volume represents a good sample of current
scholarship on South Asian languages, historical, descriptive, and
typological. It includes material pertaining to most of the linguistic
stocks of South Asia (Indo-Aryan, Dravidian, Munda, Tibeto-Burman, even
Burushaski-along with important comparisons with some of those outside it)
- by contributors from six different countries. It grew out of an
international conference on South Asian languages held in Moscow in July
2003. The papers in this collection represent a unique bringing together
of scholarship on South Asian languages from different countries and
different perspectives, not often mutually easily accessible. In terms of
theoretical perspective there is everything from the venerable Panini
(albeit applied to modern material) and traditional historical linguistics
and philology to the latest Chomskyan ideas and much else-old and new
perspectives. All four major linguistic stocks found in South Asia
(Indo-Aryan, Dravidian, Austroasiatic, and Tibeto-Burman) are represented
(Tibeto-Burman) are represented (Tibeto-Burman not explicitly in the
little but abundantly in the data in Subbarao's paper). Typological and
historical comparison with key languages outside of South Asia add a
special dimension to a number of the papers, and make them relevant to a
wider readership.

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