Post of instructer in Hindi at Osaka University, Japan (non-tenured)

Prashant Pardeshi prashantpardeshi at YAHOO.COM
Wed Aug 5 02:39:57 UTC 2009

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Dear members of VYAKARAN mailing list,

This is Prashant Pardeshi from Kobe University, Japan. I found information realted to the post of instructer in Hindi at Osaka University, Japan (non-tenured) on the web page of Research Institute for World Languages (RIWL)
Osaka University ( The details are given below. Those interested in applying should contact the Director of Research Institute for World Languages (RIWL) Osaka University directly. Terms and conditions, contact details are given below.

1.Associated Department: Research Institute for World Languages (RIWL)
Osaka University

2.Job Title: Specially Appointed Associate Professor

3.Number of Positions: 1

4.Subjects to be Taught: Teaching Hindi language, Hindi literature and modern Indian culture to Japanese students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, on the Hindi language Course for 18 hours (12 classes) per week.

5.Period of Employment: The period of employment will be two years from April 1st, 2010. The period of employment can be extended for up to three years with the Director of RIWL's consent. The successful applicant is requested to arrive at Osaka by March 31st, 2010.

6.Qualifications: An applicant is deemed qualified if s/he:
(1) is an Indian citizen and a native speaker of Hindi.
(2) has a Ph.D., M.A. or its equivalent in the Hindi language or the Hindi literature.
7.Employment Conditions:
(1) Upon assuming the post, the candidate will be provided with travel expenses. Expenses for returning home, however, will not be provided.
(2) The monthly salary may vary from ¥477,850 (minimum) to ¥591,775 (maximum). The exact amount will be determined in accordance with the applicant's qualifications and experience.
(3) The appointed applicant will be provided with furnished residential facilities equipped with electricity, heating and water services throughout the term of the contract. Please
note that the appointed candidate will be responsible for both rent and utility costs.
8.Application Documents:(1) Curriculum Vitae (Attachment 1)
(2) Main publications (Booksand Articles) (Attachment 2)
Please use the forms attached, and fill in all the necessary particulars carefully.
Applicants should also provide their current address, phone/fax number, and e-mail address, so that direct contact may be made during the administrative procedure.

9.Application Deadline: 31 / 8 / 2009

10.Where to submit applications:
General Affairs Section (Shomu-kakari)
Research Institute for World Languages
Osaka University
8-1-1 Aomatani-higashi, Minoo
Osaka 562-8558, Japan
(Please write on the envelope “Application for Hindi Teaching Position" in red.)

11.For further information: contact us at takahasi at
Professor Akira Takahashi
Asian Languages and Cultures Ⅲ Research Division
RIWL, Osaka University
This information is available on


Documents related to application are Curriculum Vitae and Main publications. The format for CV and main publications are available from the URLs below.

[Curriculum Vitae]

[Main publications]

Best regards,
Prashant Pardeshi


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