Deoband (Islamic seminary in India) Fatwa

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Regarding recent Deoband Fatwa against (Vande Mataram) song
Deoband has exploited the freedom of speech given by Indian 
Constitution. The Constitution is fruit of India's Freedom struggle, 
wherein many freedom fighters & martyrs sung Vande Mataram.
Deoband & Pakistan too should honour Vande Mataram.
Pakistan itself did not struggle for freedom from British Rulers.
Pakistan was suddenly created by partitioning India. 
What does the song mean ? It says Salute to Motherland. It
does not belittle Allah, in any way. In Muslim countries too,
people salute to National Flag, to Head of Country.

If Deoband is so touchy, why dont they issue a fatwa against
(Jana Gana Mana) anthem ? It seeks blessings, with words
Bhaarat Bhaagya Vidhaataa. (Vidhaataa) stands for Creator.
All people in India, including Muslims, honour this anthem.
It does not belittle Allah. Same applies to Vande Mataram.
Better for all, if we come out of outdated religious doctrines.
Quran is anti-Music. (Taliban banned Radio etc in Afghan).
But that dictum has been overthrown by Muslims, leading to
music stalwarts, Bismillah Khan, Bade Gulam Ali Khan etc.
Hindus threw Manusmruti dictum putting women in bondage.
--- Madhukar N. Gogate (Pune, age 77, retired engineer)
( (mngogate1932 at
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