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------------------------ Ursprüngliche Nachricht ------------------------
Betreff: Call for Papers - Himalayan Languages Symposium 15 (sorry for
Von:     "Daniel Wood" <dwood3 at uoregon.edu>
Datum:   Di, 10.02.2009, 20:03

Announcing the 15th Himalayan Languages Symposium

University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon, USA

July 31-August 1, 2009

The Himalayan Languages Symposium is an annually convening, open scholarly
forum for scholars of Himalayan languages. The Himalayan Languages Symposium
serves as a podium for contributions on any language of the greater
Himalayan region, whether Burushaski, Kusunda, a Tibeto-Burman language, an
Indo-Aryan tongue or other language. Linguists as well as specialists from
related disciplines like philology, history, anthropology, archaeology and
prehistory are welcome to make their contributions to the study of Himalayan
languages and Himalayan language communities.

We invite abstracts for presentations on topics including, but not limited

- Descriptions of lesser-known languages
- Language change and variation
- Multilingualism and language contact
- Historical-comparative studies
- Typological studies
- Field reports
- Corpus-based analysis
- Language death and language preservation
- Language policy and language planning
- Ethnology and folklore
- Himalayan languages and new technologies

For more information on the HLS, see:


Go to the HLS15 website at www.uoregon.edu/~hls15


Abstracts limited to 500 words should be submitted electronically as an
.rtf, .pdf or Word (.doc) file.

As the subject header of the message, please use your last name + HLS

Please include your name, affiliation, address and title of your paper in
the body of the message, as well as contact information: email, physical
address, phone, fax

Address for abstracts: hls15 at uoregon.edu

Abstract deadline March 1st

Special early deadline January 15: For participants who may need time to
make visa or funding arrangements.

Local organizers: Scott DeLancey, Gwen Hyslop, Linda Konnerth, Anna
Pucilowski, Dan Wood


The organizers of HLS 15 can be contacted at hls15 at uoregon.edu,
delancey at uoregon.edu, or glow at uoregon.edu

or fax 01-541-346-5961, attn. Himalayan Languages Symposium

or Himalayan Languages Symposium
Department of Linguistics
University of Oregon 1290
Eugene, OR 97403-1290
"It's hard to walk straight when the road bends" - Old Romanian proverb

Daniel Wood
Department of Linguistics
1290 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403, USA


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