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Language January 2009 Try adjust this > all languages.
Marathi Jan 2009 monthly trial using Roman script (lipi) 
symbols on devices for English, if usual-lipi-devices not
available, or if usual lipi is unknown to students.  Linear
Roman lipi suits typing, data-sortings, internet, e-mails.
Use logical, near-phonetic spellings. Many spellings in 
English are illogical ( > 7
Recast English words, to suit Marathi. Thus, (Injection,
Rubber, Pneumonia) >> (injekshan, rabar, nyumoniaa).
RLP is closed, but visit ( 
Marathi explanations in (,
( Non-Marathi too please
glance at them. Few English hints there. Short English
article ( (a-z) for Marathi.
(A-Z) start names, original English words. Adopt (glaas
lebal aaiskrim pars kaar polis) etc.  Allow (Glass Lable
Icecream Purse Car Police) etc temporarily / if needed.
Words (kar) etc may be read (kara) etc in some poems.
Poem (he vishvachi maaze ghar) (ghar) read as (ghara).

Name (Satya) ok. Use (sattya) (sound sat, tya) = Truth.
Name (Seema) ok.  But use (simaa) = Boundary, Limit.
(mumbai) written equivalent to (mumbaee), in usual lipi.
Use i = (i, ee) u = (u, oo), apo ' near letter in html.  (...) 
between sentences. d (th-they) d' (d-do)  j (jam) j' (s-is)
a (both a-american) aa (a-art) v (w-win) e (egg) ae(a-as).
Usual lipi several symbols 3 tier mixing, few distortions
Usual lipi 5 (r) symbols < re, surya, truck, prem, rhaas.
Words compact. Dictionary tedious. Phonebook failure.
Stock mrkt list (a-z). Information age search needs a-z.
Marathi schools (rural too) teach a-z A-Z some English.
M1 part poem. M2 (a-z) dictionary of key words, for M1
Case, tense gender etc change some words. Circulate.

Mailing list under revision. If you got this directly (not in
e-group) tell author, if interested in future Marathi mails.
------------------------------------- M1 ------------------------------------
ut'haa re, ut'haa re... satvar, satvar... tatpar, tatpar
navabije peraa... navyaa aashaa dharaa,
perte vhaa... perte vhaa... pertevhaa.

--- A. R. Deshpande (Anil) (1901 - 1982)

------------------------------------- M2 ------------------------------------

aashaa (Hope).. bi, bij (Seed).. dhar (Hold).. nava (New) 

per (Sow)... satvar (Quick).. tatpar (Ready)... ut'h (Rise)
------------------------------------- M3 ------------------------------------ 

chhanda havet... parikshet suyash mil'avn'e he viddyaa-
rthi va  paalak  yaannaaa  mukkhya dhyeya vaat'te... te
ch'uk naahi... pan' keval' abbhyaasaatach' guntun raahu
naye... paan pej Page 2 (
paan pej Page 3 > saahittya sammelan -- ek suchanaa.

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