2nd Prakrit Summer School

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Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce the 2nd Prakrit Summer School (Aug 17-28, 2009). The two-week introductory course in Jaina-Maharastri, held in Finland in 2007, will make a reappearance, this time in the city of Würzburg, Germany. The Summer School is again going to focus on the Jain epic and narrative material.

Further details as well as impressions from the first meeting are available on the website:

Please inform any students who may be interested in participating.
With best wishes,
Eva De Clercq (evadeclercq at gmail.com)
Anna Aurelia Esposito (anna.esposito at mail.uni-wuerzburg.de)
Petteri Koskikallio (pkoskikallio at gmail.com)
Eva De Clercq
University of Würzburg

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