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Here's the ToC of R.K.Agnihotri and Rajendra Singh,eds., Indian English: Towards a New Paradigm, just released by Orient Blackswan, Delhi.



About the Contributors 


Udaya Narayana Singh 


Rama Kant Agnihotri and Rajendra Singh

Section I

The Target Paper 

1. Reflections on English in India and Indian English 

Rajendra Singh

Section II

Responses to the Target Paper

Grammatical Perspectives 

2. Visible and Invisible Aspects of Language Ability 

R. Amritavalli 

3. The Classification of Varieties: The Generative Point of View

Rajesh Bhatt 

4. Knowledge of English in Post-Colonial Contexts: Native or Non-Native?

Rakesh M. Bhatt 

5. Indian English 

Colin P. Masica

Sociolinguistic and Diachronic Perspectives 

6. Multilingualism and Monolingual Taxonomies and Tests

Rama Kant Agnihotri 

7. Be What You Want to Be: Linguistic and Social Consequences of Withholding Native Speaker Status

Ad Backus 

8. The Data and the Theory: The Difficult Art of Balancing

Shreesh Chaudhary 

9. English in India and Indian English: A Country Divided by the Same Language?

Claudia Lange 

10. Native Speaker, Vernacular Universals and New Englishisms

Rajend Mesthrie 

11. Distinguishing Native and Non-Native Languages on Historical Grounds

Nikolaus Ritt

Cultural, Political and Philosophical Perspectives 

12. Debating English Legitimacy: Or Will the True Native User Please Speak Up!

Martina Ghosh-Schellhorn 

13. The New World-Order and English in India 

Jayant Lele 

14. Colonial Hangover and the New 'Hybrid' Englishes 

K. Rajagopalan

Pedagogical Perspectives 

15. Reflections of an English Language Teacher 

Leslie Dickinson 

16. The 'Native Speaker' and Prototypicality 

Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kolaczyk andJaroslaw Weckwerth


Section III

Miscellaneous Comments and Discussion 

17. Miscellaneous Responses: Experiences, Comments and Questions

Anjuli Gupta-Basu, Stephen Moran, Tariq Rahman, H.K. Dewan and Rakesh Saxena, S. Anand, Jagdeep S. Chhokar 

18. Dialogue: Excerpts from the Mysore Dialogue on the Target Paper

Author/Person Index 

Subject Index

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