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Madhukar Gogate mng1932 at YAHOO.COM
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-- (mng1932 at Pune, India. (website at end)
Following is sent to Mr S, few other experts (cc basis) 
residing in US, UK, Australia (email addresses hidden 
to ensure their privacy).  15 May 2013 ...
Mr. S
Greetings after a long time. 
Above is from ( . Put in the
Search box > common  5000 words < if above link fails
Actually 5014 words, seem to be ranked as per frequency.
A little doubt > (to) is at position (7) and also at (9).
I have not seen the whole lot... But here is a list (perhaps 
already known to some readers) accessible to all.
How about asking various spelling reformers to give
their suggestions for  reforming these 5000, or for 
first 300 as a pilot study ? And tabulate.
Spelling Society may be able to come to conclusion.
No vague principles, concepts. Actual solid Reforms.
Mr. S, please take a lead, with your wide contacts.
Some words may have different sounds, like say
educate (d > like d < dog, or like j < joy)
I suggest, please dont use any dicriticals like umlaut.
Try to manage with 26 a-z, and various digraphs like
aa, ae, au and use of apo ( ' , the apostrophe mark).
Reserve capitals to start unrespelled words & names.
Thus write (silindar) or (Cylinder) < during transition.
Then full energy of whole mankind can be drawn
to develop a parallel english. If one tells them, use some
umlaut, or cedilla or greek alpha beta etc, then
most readers would say >  We wont try, our keyboards
dont have them. They will be alieneted from reform
process. I suggest one should not aim at 100% phonetic
accuracy, 95% is good enough
Refer E01, E02 on (
-- Madhukar 
(cc to some)
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