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Dear Colleagues,
I am forwarding the following email from Professor Aklujkar about a course on the place of language in Indian Intellectual Tradition.
With warm regards,
Tej Bhatia

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From: Ashok Aklujkar <ashok.aklujkar at gmail.com<mailto:ashok.aklujkar at gmail.com>>
Date: Wednesday, June 3, 2015 at 3:40 AM
To: "tkbhatia at MAILBOX.SYR.EDU<mailto:tkbhatia at MAILBOX.SYR.EDU>" <tkbhatia at MAILBOX.SYR.EDU<mailto:tkbhatia at MAILBOX.SYR.EDU>>
Subject: A two-week course: "The Word and the World"

Dear Tej,

Kindly post the following announcement on the Vyakarana list using the above subject line.

Many thanks.

From 13-25 July, 2015, I will team-teach a course on the place of language in Indian intellectual tradition at Veliyanad, Kerala, India. Analytical or linguistically oriented philosophy will naturally constitute a major part of the course, and, even in that part, Bhartṛ-hari’s Vākyapadīya will occupy the centre-stage as the oldest accessible and extensive work fitting the bill. Interactions of Buddhist and Jain thinkers with Brahmanical  thinkers will also figure to a significant extent.

The course is open to college and university students as well as faculty from various disciplines. Detailed information about it can be had by following the links
 http://mu-cif.chinfo.org/img/course outline.pdf<http://mu-cif.chinfo.org/img/course%20outline.pdf>

I would greatly appreciate your help in giving publicity to the availability of the course, since the deadline for registration (20 June) is not far away. Please use the text at the first website specified above or the texts in the two attachments below for informing the faculty and students in departments such as Sanskrit, Buddhist Studies, Jain Studies, psychology and linguistics. If you do not receive the attachments, please write to me to receive them.

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