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Martin Guardado guardado at ualberta.ca
Sun Jul 22 20:36:41 UTC 2018

New research monograph available:

Guardado, M. (2018). Discourse, ideology and heritage language
socialization: Micro and macro perspectives. New York & Berlin: De Gruyter

The book examines the development and maintenance of a minority language,
engaging on both micro and macro levels to address open questions in the
field. It provides a history of the study of heritage language development,
including discussion of language socialization, cosmopolitan identities,
and home practices. In particular, the book uses 'discourse' as a primary
tool to understand minority language development and maintenance.

*Dr. Martin Guardado*
Professor and Director
English Language School
Faculty of Extension
University of Alberta

guardado at ualberta.ca
Ph (780) 492 - 5063

Web site: uab.ca/ELS

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