[ACLA-CAAL] Deadline looming: Call for Papers - ISB12 at UAlberta in Edmonton - June 2019

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*The 12th International Symposium on Bilingualism (ISB12) will take place
at the University of Alberta, Canada, 23-28 June, 2019.*

The conference theme is “Bilingualism and The Next Generation,” which
highlights the importance of the next generation in language development,
maintenance and survival on the one hand, and the importance of the next
generation of scholars in moving the field forward on the other. Papers
that fit within that theme in some way are particularly eagerly solicited.
However, ISB12 invites papers in *all* areas of research in bilingualism
and multilingualism (whether linked to the conference theme or not),
including but not limited to: linguistics, sociolinguistics,
psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, applied linguistics, neuropsychology,
first and second and third language acquisition, clinical linguistics,
language and education, language socialization, and multilingual societies.

Keynote speakers include:
- Richard Clément
- Erika Hoff
- Marco Jacquemet
- Enric Llurda
- Roy Lyster

- Virginia Yip

- Virginia Zavala

Invited theme sessions include:
- Bilingualism in the context of World Englishes (organizer: Suzanne
- First language learning and the brain (organizer: Thierry Nazzi)
- Heritage language learning in children (organizer: Silvina Montrul)
- Advances in Immersion Teacher Education Research (organizer: Diane J.

- Indigenous language revitalization (organizer: Jorge Lemus)
- Language and thought (organizer: Bene Benedetti)

- Language disorders in bilingual children (organizer: Sharon Armon-Lotem)

There will also be a Journée CSJ at the Campus Saint-Jean, the
French-language campus of the University of Alberta, featuring an invited
theme sessions on French immersion (organizer: Laurent Cammarata)


Abstracts are solicited for three categories of proposals: individual
papers, posters, and theme sessions.

• *Individual papers*: Papers are formal presentations on original research
or original pedagogy-focused topics by one or more authors, lasting a total
of eighteen minutes with five additional minutes for discussion. Abstracts
should be a maximum of 300 words in length.

• *Posters*: Poster sessions are for displaying original research or
pedagogy that offers the opportunity for individualized, informal
discussion with others in the field. Posters are especially effective for
presenting work-in-progress, fieldwork, and results of empirical research
for which data can be presented visually. Posters will be available
throughout an entire day of the conference with presenters in attendance
for a 90-minute poster session. Abstracts should be a maximum of 300 words
in length.

• *Theme sessions*: Theme sessions allow for extended, interactive
discussion on a specific topic, focusing on a cluster of independent
papers. Each submission should include either three presentations and a
discussant or four presentations, for a total of four “slots”. Submissions
must include an abstract for the panel (of a maximum of 500 words in
length), as well as for each of the constituent papers (of a maximum of 300
words in length).

Abstracts may be submitted in either English or French, and presentations
may also be given in either language. Apart from this, the main working
language of ISB12 will be English (we plan to offer interpretation to and
from American Sign Language, if requested).

The deadline for the submission of abstracts will be *15 October, 2018* at
23:59 North American Mountain time. Notification of acceptance can be
expected by 15 January, 2019.

*Dr. Martin Guardado*
Professor and Director
English Language School
Faculty of Extension
University of Alberta

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"Discourse, Ideology and Heritage Language Socialization"

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