[ACLA-CAAL] Fw: Taking advantage of AILA benefits for Applied Linguists

Julie Byrd Clark jbyrdcla at uwo.ca
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AILA Newsletter<https://aila.info/?mailpoet_router&endpoint=view_in_browser&action=view&data=WzIyMSwiMWUxNDA4ODIxMTZhIiwwLDAsMjEzLDFd>
The Ibero-American AILA regional network is about to be launched! This newsletter gets you in touch with the multilingual vision of our Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking colleagues and foregrounds the relevance of multilingualism in Applied Linguistics research and beyond.

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From: Daniel Perrin <daniel.perrin at bluewin.ch>
Sent: July 30, 2020 8:11 AM
To: Julie Byrd Clark <jbyrdcla at uwo.ca>
Cc: Christina Gitsaki <christina.gitsaki at gmail.com>
Subject: Taking advantage of AILA benefits for Applied Linguists

Dear Julie,

The July issue of the AILA Newsletter<https://aila.info/?mailpoet_router&endpoint=view_in_browser&action=view&data=WzIyMSwiMWUxNDA4ODIxMTZhIiwwLDAsMjEzLDFd> has just been published. It would be great if you forwarded it to all the ACLA members as soon as possible. This helps both ACLA and your members take most advantage of the AILA benefits for applied linguists worldwide.

Best wishes,

Daniel Perrin, PhD
President, International Association of Applied Linguistics

NB: Please do not forget to participate, as an AILA national affiliate, in the virtual meeting of the AILA International Committee, on August 8, 2020. Just email the name of the ACLA delegate to secretariat at aila.info<mailto:secretariat at aila.info>

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