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Jeutonne P. Brewer jpbrewer at UNCG.EDU
Fri Apr 23 03:12:49 UTC 1999

> Sorry, but MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, RFC 2045-2049) and
> quoted-printable are the standard, and are often out of the control of the
> user.  Email clients should handle MIME and quoted-printable without the
> knowledge of the user.  Whether the list server can handle it is another story,
> but I assure you that every message I send is reasonably MIME compliant, and if
> there are 8-bit characters in the text, they are encoded as quoted-printable.

Unfortunately, there are standards, and then there are more standards.
Not all locations provide the type of mail system you describe, at least
not with easy, straightforward access.

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