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Fri Apr 23 10:11:34 UTC 1999

Antalya next'in anlamı nedir? What do you mean with "Antalya next"?

Mehmet Tezcan wrote:

>      NATO=Not Altogether Thought Out.  This recently appeared in a
> cartoon in the Atlanta Constitution and in Newsweek.    ABC
> tours=Another Bloody Church.  This seems to be a tourist
> standard--I've heard it on several trips.  Perhaps it dates to the
> 1950s or so, when ABC tours began?    TURKEY BITES--The elections were
> this week, and the Gray Wolves won.  They put a black mark on your
> pinkie finger to show either that you've voted or that you don't wash
> your hands....Antalya next.--Barry Popık

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