demarginalization, or, Re: whoops, world english again

Grant Barrett gbarrett at AMERICANDIALECT.ORG
Wed Apr 28 01:00:00 UTC 1999

>It's a good thought, but if you're using MS Word for the Macintosh
>(for example), it won't work, because the "paste" function doesn't
>work in the "replace" dialogue box.

I dunno what version of Word for the Mac you're using, but pasting in the
replace box works fine in Word 98 and Word 6.01. Try using command-v
(Apple-V) if the Paste menu item is greyed out.

In any case, there's a great and FREE program for the Mac called
SpellTools that includes an automated function to fix email problems like the one
Mark is trying to help solve. You can get it at

It also includes a spell checker, a function to paste pre-formatted text
(used, for instance, if you wear different hats and want to include
different sigs on different emails) and it works with any program.

Besides that, if you're looking for even more control of text, try BBEdit
or BBedit Lite, the most powerful text editor on the Mac,  and probably
better than anything on Windows, too. Maybe Unix (that'll draw some fire:
off list, please). You can get the lite, FREE version at

Finally, I use QuickMail Pro as my mail reader. It has an always-present
menu icon that includes in its drop-down functions "Reformat Text" which
takes does exactly what Mike described. Works in any program, for up to 32K
of text (that's a lot of text).

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