Donald M. Lance engdl at SHOWME.MISSOURI.EDU
Wed Apr 28 04:22:23 UTC 1999

Peter McGraw said:
>In and around the tony Portland suburb of Lake Oswego, there are
>several subdivisions, office park developments, etc. that are called
>"[Something] Pointe."  The only actual example I can remember is a
>development overlooking the Willamette River which at least used to be
>called "Oswego Pointe," but there are others. I'm not sure whether
>these names are meant to look French, or whether the analogy is with
>"Ye Olde Tea Shoppe."  The places in question are neither French nor
>old, quaint and English in appearance.  The "pointe" of tacking on the
>-e is obviously to confer status, but I'm not quite sure why it works.
>Has anybody collected other examples?

This item may be nationwide.  It has been used in "pointes" west, east, and
north in Columbia, Missouri.  Always for kind of upscale homes and
business, but not ritzy.
I drove around the Southeast recently and saw it in North Carolina and
manbe other states.

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