Grant Barrett gbarrett at AMERICANDIALECT.ORG
Wed Apr 28 14:13:59 UTC 1999

We've been at since December (a little
more than four months).

The archive is not available on the Internet at this point since our
service provider refused to continue hosting it, claiming it was too large. I
am working on three separate solutions, any one of which should come to
fruition shortly. I expect the archive to be much faster and to allow
Boolean searches.

If any of you desire an archive search, let me know, and I will search
the archive offline and send you the results. I'll let you know when the
archive is back online.

I also want to take a few lines to thank everyone for their support. When
I posted the message about problems with the archive a couple of weeks
ago, I received emailed offers of assistance from about a dozen folks. It's
reasurring to know my labor is useful.

Meantime, thanks for your patience.

Grant Barrett
ADS Web Geek
gbarrett at

Gregory {Greg} Downing wrote:
} Where's the ADS-L archive located at this point? I have a vague
} of reading here that it's been moved, and my existing bookmark to
} "" gets me a "404 Not Found." (I haven't had call to use
} acrhive for a few months.)

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