USGS Name Syste

Donald M. Lance engdl at SHOWME.MISSOURI.EDU
Wed Apr 28 16:15:19 UTC 1999

The GNIS/USGS database online does not allow for wildcard searches yet, so
it will be pretty hard to get all instances of Pointe from GNIS.

Grant Barrett said:
>USGS Name System is at
>ml  .
>The GEONet Names Server  will
>search the whole world, but is not as complete.
>abatef wrote:
>} Listers,
>} For a thoroughgoing look at ALL US places with the element "Pointe" (or
>} with any element at all for that matter), look at the Geog Names Info
>} System from USGS.  I believe it is available on their website, though I
>} have not tried to use it there myself.  But it is an absolutely
>} comprehensive, authoritative, and regularly updated repository of all
>} placenames, populated places (some 120,000!) and other -- more than a
>} million total.  It is a marvel.


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