William J Stone W-Stone at NEIU.EDU
Wed Apr 28 17:56:51 UTC 1999

In Buckinghamshire "bugger" is a very common expletive.  To the uses
already given by other listers should be added the verbal form.  My
uncle's favorite expressions have long been "Well, bugger me" and "Well,
I'll be buggered".  These are used to express surprise.  The most common
usage is definitely as a noun especially in a phrase like "miserable
bugger" which is similar to "miserable sod".  Consequently, when I first
came to the U.S., I was greatly amused by roadside signs advertizing
"sod". Interestingly, it's common to say "sod you", but not "sod me", just
the opposite of "bugger", and one doesn't talk of being "sodded". Nor is
it used to express surprise.  A fine distinction in references to sodomy.

William Stone

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