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Jennifer Godwin jenkg at LELAND.STANFORD.EDU
Thu Apr 29 07:29:29 UTC 1999

It's like a friendship/comradeship/war/defensive/protective thing. "I'll
watch your back." "Watch my back, I'm going in." "Jessie always got my
back. I've never been at a party and had any trouble. She keeps an eye out
for the bad 'uns."

So, this guy knows that God is watching out for him.


On Wed, 28 Apr 1999, Donald M. Lance wrote:

> This afternoon I heard a Virginia student in an NPR interview say that who
> or what has his back is God. This was in response to a question about where
> kids get their sense of appropriate behavior.
> Familar to anyone?  I suppose it may have its roots in "monkey on my back"
> or "my mother is on my back" etc.
> DMLance

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