Bob Haas rahaas at UNCG.EDU
Thu Apr 29 15:03:18 UTC 1999

As a child of the 70s and a confirmed Little Feat fan--they did a mean
rendition of "Don't Bogart that Joint, My Friend" on the live album WAITING
FOR COLUMBUS--I always thought that it meant "to hog."  In the song, the
imperitive is "pass it over," which is not an anti-slobber directive.  But to
be fair, I've also been involved in this slobber-hog debate.

Jessie Emerson wrote:

> I did a mini-poll in my office--Out of 7 folks, 1 had never heard of it, 5
> said it meant "hog," and 1 said it meant "slobber on."
> Jessie


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