Parchment farm?

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Fri Jun 4 02:27:54 UTC 1999

Parchman Farm is the state prison in MS.  The probable song goes
"Sittin' over heah in Parchman Farm--Ain't nebber done no man no harm"
(repeat 2 more)
All I did was kill my wife--Ain't nebber done no man no harm.
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Subject: Parchment farm?

>     Last night I heard the term "parchment farm" for the first time.  It
> was quoted from an old blues song from the 1950s or so, referring to a
> chain gang in Louisiana.  Does anyone know where this term came from?
> Was there a Parchment, Louisiana near the prison?  Any help would be
> greatly appreciated.
>     Johanna Franklin
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> imaginary?"

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