Pederasty in VERBATIM

Bethany K. Dumas dumasb at UTK.EDU
Sun Jun 6 20:25:40 UTC 1999

On Sun, 6 Jun 1999, Ron Butters asked:

>Am I the only person who is troubled by the following passage in "Assing
>Around" (by Jessy Randall and Wendy Woloson; VERBATIM, vol 22, no. 2, Spring
>1999): ". . . a male pederast . . . is . . . in search of _a piece of ass_.
>(In prison slang, a _butt pussy_ is an anus" (p8).
>     It seems to me that this confuses anal intercourse, homosexual acts, and
>child molestation! In fact, the use of the term _a piece of ass_ in the sense
>'anal sexual penetration' is neither necessarily nor sufficiently related to
>pederasty (the sexual molestation of children).

The sense in which I have heard the term 'piece of ass' [in distinction to
phrases like 'taking it up the ass' and 'taking it in the ass'] most
often used is '[generic] something to f***' (see the entry for ass,
3.b., in Lighter) I have not read the _Verbatim_ article, so do not know
if in context it is clear that a different sense is being used above,
perhaps that reflected in Lighter's 3.c. def.

Or am I missing something?


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