Pederasty in VERBATIM

Erin McKean editor at VERBATIMMAG.COM
Tue Jun 8 00:58:42 UTC 1999

Thanks for your kind reply! The Autumn issue is mailed Oct. 15; remind me
if I forget to send you a copy.

take care,


>Thanks, Erin, for your prompt attention to this matter. It was a pleasure to
>meet you at the DSNA meeting. If folks don't already know that VERBATIM is in
>good hands in its second incarnation, I hope they will know now!
>In a message dated 6/7/99 10:43:19 AM, emckean at VERBATIMMAG.COM writes:
><< Thanks, Ron, for pointing this out. I hope to publish the letter you
>kindly sent me in the Autumn issue (Summer has already gone to the
>We certainly don't want to be perpetrating that tired old saw that
>homosexuality and child molestation are in any way equivalent! I should
>have picked up on this earlier.
>Again, thanks for taking the time to tell me about this.
>Erin McKean
>Editor, Verbatim, The Language Quarterly >>

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