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Alan Baragona baragonasa at VAX.VMI.EDU
Thu Jun 10 12:52:41 UTC 1999


I just received the following disturbing message from the LINGUIST e-list.  Is the listserv software for this list also affected?

"LINGUIST has had some bad news.  The developers of listserv software
have admitted that the version which LINGUIST runs is not Year 2000
compliant.  As most of you know, listserv is an email-list management
program--the only one, to our knowledge, able to handle a list the
size of LINGUIST.  And, as most of you can easily imagine, a Y2K Bug
could play havoc with a date-oriented operation like LINGUIST.  So we
have no choice but to upgrade to the newest version of listserv.  But
an upgrade costs $2500."

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