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}    I recently read the free magazines in Los Angeles and San Francisco, then
}I decided to finally look at (PROFESSIONALLY, OF COURSE!) the back pages of
}New York's own Village Voice and New York Press.
}    In Los Angeles (LA Weekly and New Times), there were pictures of women,
}along with their phone numbers.  What WERE they selling?  The ads were under
}"adult entertainment"--I guess they come over to your house and sing
}    In the New York Press, they're "escort services."
}    However, I noticed that in the Village Voice, everyone is offering
}"bodywork."  Bodywork, sure!  Like this transsexual is gonna come over here
}and take the dents out of the old Rambler.
}    Is it "bodywork" anywhere else?  When did "bodywork" come into vogue?

"Bodywork" is used a great deal here in the Land of Many Massage Therapists (and
a good thing too).  Instead of asking folks "What's your sign?"  you can ask
them "What kind of bodywork do you get?"  (Swedish, Shiatsu, Traeger Method,
Petrassage, Rolfing, Acupressure, etc.)

(Swedish and Acupressure)

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