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Gareth Branwyn garethb2 at EARTHLINK.NET
Sun Jun 13 01:35:29 UTC 1999

Margaret Ronkin wrote:

>Overheard in the coda of a narrative about a hectic
>day's activities:
>And I'm beyond tired-dot-com
>The speaker, in uniform, was a female African-American
>DC bus driver, about 25 years old, riding as a passenger.
>New to me, anyway.
>Maggie Ronkin

This has been called to "dot-comify." We published it in Wired several
years. I've seen numerous examples like the above in newspaper headlines,
articles, on sitcoms, and in email and speech: ",,

Another example of dot-comification is the recent popularity of using
"dot-com" to describe a Web-based business. I heard this used as early as
a year ago, but all of a sudden, it's EVERYWHERE. I spoke at a Web
development conference last month and all I heard was: "Is that a
dot-com?," "I finally convinced our sales department to become a
dot-com," etc., etc. Ick.

Jargon Watch editor, Wired
Author of _Jargon Watch: A Pocket Dictionary for the Jitterati_

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