Brian Good bkgood at PACBELL.NET
Sun Jun 13 19:18:16 UTC 1999

In the Thursday 6/10/99 San Jose Mercury News on page B1 (Santa
Cruz/Monterey edition) there is a quote from a lawyer representing
former employees in a lawsuit against a Scotts Valley company.  She
says, "Employers should not be permitted to cleanse their workplaces of
suspected gays, lesbians and trans-gendered persons."  This is the first
I've seen the term applied outside of an ethnicity/homeland context.

Also a company claims to have trademarked the term "Y2K":
Their slogan... "Y2K Investments - We're Betting Against You."  They
apparently hope to get rich by betting that there will be lots of global
turmoil caused by the millenium bug.


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