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Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Sun Jun 13 19:59:29 UTC 1999


You know very well it is the Department of Linguistics and Germanic,
Slavic, Asian and African Languages (whew!), and we call it Linguistics and
Languages for short. It's no more nonexistent than, say, Ohio State
University (since it's official name starts with "The").


>Re our
>>dInIs (who really does say /n?gr@ fohz/; where @=schwa and oh="open o" [as
>>in "law")
>Check out the Safire "On Language" in tomorrow's Times Magazine, which
>acknowledges dInIs, identified as a member of the nonexistent (as such) MSU
>"deparment of linguistics and languages" (well, it is lower-case, so maybe
>it's a genericization of the actual department), for his contributions (on
>this list) to our understanding of "lookit".

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