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Mon Jun 14 09:46:22 UTC 1999

Bravo, Bob--and welcome.

At 12:37 PM 6/13/99 -0700, you wrote:
>> Barry:
>Appreciate your comments on a regular basis. This one strikes me as
curious. You
>seem to avoid any direct statement that the info is inaccurate. And you
spend an
>inordinate amount of language on dissing.
>Incidentally the "someone" was me. My name is Bob Fitzke and I was
identified. I
>also am not a member of any of your professional organizations. That
doesn't stop
>me from enjoyong the postings or learning from them. I'm a lawyer who has an
>interest in the language that probably rivals your own, albeit from a
>>     Someone gave the web address of a site that debunked that "1500s"
>> etymologies posting.  It is Melanie's etymology page.
>>     I reviewed 'The Logical World of Etymology" web site here about two
>> ago and said that it was being done by a complete twit.  I revisited
>> site's name has changed, but she's still a twit.
>>     After all these years, she has yet to join either the American Dialect
>> Society or the American Name Society (or both).  Neither Society's web page
>> is linked to her pages.
>>     She gives a bibliography, but essential books are not there.  The
>> House Historical Dictionary of American Slang_  is STILL not there!  Go to
>> any bookstore, Melanie!  They're big, thick books!  Buy yourself a copy!
>>     She's not too good with the web (Yahoo ain't that difficult!) and she
>> doesn't consult electronic databases (JSTOR, et al.).
>>     She doesn't know anyone in the field and will probably draw a blank if
>> you mention Peter Tamony, David Shulman, Fred Shapiro, Gerald Cohen, or me.
>>     She does no original etymological work herself.
>>     However, she does photograph well.
>> ---------------------------------------------
>>     Go to and play this game.
>>     I was told (at the Port Authority bus terminal) that Greyhound
doesn't go
>> to Carlisle, PA, so I originally bought a round trip to Harrisburg, PA for
>> $58.  I asked at Harrisburg how to get to Carlisle, and the driver told
me it
>> was the next stop on the same bus!  (Round trips between Carlisle and
>> Harrisburg go for $7.70 or $9.)
>>     Today, I wanted a round trip to Carlisle and I was again told Greyhound
>> doesn't go there!  When I said AU CONTRAIRE, I was told a round trip was
>>  That's at least $30 too much!
>>     So I checked myself.  There's no NYC-Carlisle.
>> NY-Harrisburg is $58, and Harrisburg-Carlisle is $9 (both round trip).
>> That's $67.
>>    There is, however, a Carlisle-NYC round trip, and that is indeed
>> the exact same bus as the $9 and $58 trips!
>>     It'll probably take three years and twenty letters to get a refund
on my
>> credit card.

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