Southron birds

William H. Smith wh5mith at ATL.MINDSPRING.COM
Mon Jun 14 02:55:58 UTC 1999

"Dennis R. Preston" wrote
 (Now for real confusion, I bet y'all Northerners don't know who's looking
 for what in such utterances as "I'm going to get me some cock.")

When I first met Karl Nicholas (from Mississippi), one of the first things
he said to me (from North Carolina) was, "I bet you were in the service
before you found out that 'cock' meant 'penis'."  Since then he and I have
occasionally puzzled over the etymology of the ' female pudenda' usage.
After returning from a conference in Jamaica, he reported his encounter with
a little girl who offered to show him her 'cockle.'  On the other hand, I
found that Coca-Cola had problems in Denmark until it learned that 'coke'
meant 'female pudenda.'


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