Basic I-E book advice?

Baragona, Alan BaragonaA at MAIL.VMI.EDU
Mon Jun 14 15:56:25 UTC 1999

How about Joseph Shipley's The Origins of English Words: A Discursive Dictionary
of Indo-European Roots?  BTW, when the second edition of The American Heritage
Dictionary dropped all the IE material, it was published separately as Watkins's
The American Heritage Dictionary of Indo-European Roots.  Now Watkins's work is
back in the third edition of AHD but revised.  Is the separate dictionary
available and, if so, in an updated version or has it simply been reabsorbed?

Alan B.

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                A correspondent has written to say that he loves
                Calvert Watkins' essay on Indo-European in the
                back of the American Heritage Dictionary, and would
                like to read more on the subject. Does anyone have
                any not-too-scholarly recommendations for followup
                reading for this person?

                Thanks in advance.

                Jesse Sheidlower
                Random House Reference
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