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Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Wed Jun 16 00:01:07 UTC 1999

Good Lord! I just noticed that I said "the low-front vowel" as in "hat,"
and here I sit in Michigan where the vowel in "hat" hasn't been
phonetically low- front for two generations. Of course I should have said
the vowel phonemically known as low-front. Maybe as the Northern Cities and
Southern Shifts work themselves out we should begin to refer to their
elements like the artist formerly known as Prince - the vowel formerly
known as low-front (now phonetically high front); the vowel formerly known
as high front lax (now phonetically mid front lax), etc... (to choose
examples only from the North).

dInIs (whose phonemic and phonetic vowel systems are a perfect match ...
except for that pesky /E/ before nasals)

>Yes, but that mangulation got some nice instruction about symbols for
>glottals and so on for those who needed it.
>dInIs (always looking on the bright side)
>>dInIs explains:
>>That question mark was a low-front vowel (as in "hat") when sent.
>>Ah, another case of 8-bit mangulation.
>>-- Mark
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Dennis R. Preston
Department of Linguistics and Languages
Michigan State University
East Lansing MI 48824-1027 USA
preston at pilot.msu.edu
Office: (517)353-0740
Fax: (517)432-2736

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