Paul Krassner/The Realist/Evergreen Review

James E. Clapp jeclapp at WANS.NET
Wed Jun 16 02:58:39 UTC 1999

For the many of my generation out there who have been reminiscing about
Paul Krassner, The Realist, and Evergreen Review:

Paul Krassner appears to be involved (at least in the start-up phase)
with a new Web site (I think they regard it as sort of a magazine) called
vaguepolitix.  It exists as a subset of, specifically at .  The site, which purports to be
politically neutral, describes its philosophy thus:

          Compassion with edge. Cynicism with
          heart. Vulgarity with brains. Open-minded
          confusion that's alive with meaning, rich
          in contradictions and loaded with flat-out
          dumb fun.

Krassner's very gentle little contribution to the current collection of
oddities on the site is at .

Evergreen Review has been reborn on the Internet.  There is some
complicated story behind this--something about the current owner of the
rights to the original Evergreen Review having given the Review's founder
the right to use the name, and I guess also the contents of previous
issues, on the Internet.  (Don't hold me to any of this).  The current
issue (no. 102) is at .  The Evergreen Archive
("Saving the Underground of the Past for the Future") is at , where you can click on "Past
Issues (Printed Version 1957-1973)" or "Past Issues (Web Version
1998-1999)"  For a reprint of "A Brief history of the Evergreen Review"
from the introduction to the first Evergreen Review Reader (1993), see .

Gee, I hope these links work.

James E. Clapp

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