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Paul McFedries lists at MCFEDRIES.COM
Thu Jun 17 16:59:21 UTC 1999

> Can someone here with Lexis-Nexis look up "blast fax" in that
> issue and post the cite? They may have misunderstood the term and
> assigned it a negative and political connotation it does not normally
> have.

Here's the Newsweek cite, Gareth:

Warming Up the 'Blast Fax'

Political operatives who specialize in opposition research are eager to
dig into Campaign 2000. The Democrats' oppo experts spent the last year
looking for dirt that could be used to discredit Clinton foes like
Kenneth Starr and conservative financier Richard Mellon Scaife. Now the
Dems' gumshoes are turning their attention to more familiar targets:
Republican presidential candidates. Democratic sources say party
researchers are concentrating on GOP front runner George W. Bush. The
Democratic National Committee puts out an almost-daily blast fax on the
missteps of Bush and the rest of the crowded GOP field. For its part,
the Republican National Committee's oppo team is focusing on Al Gore.
The veep is the subject of a regular RNC bulletin called The World
According to Gore, which ridicules his more awkward pronouncements.

> Another term I saw yesterday (in Inter at ctive Week, 6/7/99):
> "truck roll"
> Phone company slang for a technician's visit to a customer's location.
> Used in connection with a new high-speed (DSL) Internet connection
> technology that would eliminate the need for a "truck roll"
> to each new DSL subscriber.

This was a Word Spy word back on Aptril 21:


Word Spy:

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