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Bapopik at AOL.COM wrote:
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>      "Stuckholder" (a pun on "stockholder") is mentioned in the "Back of the
> Envelope" section in this week's NEW YORK OBSERVER.
>      Usenet didn't turn up any hits, but ProQuest has the WALL STREET
> JOURNAL, 18 June 1990, pg. A9:
>      Lawyers and investment bankers hired themselves out to the highest
> bidders and conjured up schemes such as stock repurchases, shark repellents,
> poison pills, greenmail and golden parachutes, to protect unworthy
> managements while diluting stockholder, or "stuckholder" interests, as
> Garfinkle (Lawrence Garfinkle, "Larry the Liquidator," in Jerry Sterner's
> play, OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY--ed.) puts it.

I heard "stuckholder" around 1985-6 in Connecticut.

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