"Murphy's Laws" and Polish puns

Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Wed Jun 23 00:11:53 UTC 1999

Good shot Chuck, I like this one too (although I think I like the Lucky
Strikes (lo que trais) one better).


>And then there is the joke about the Mexican who goes into Sears and tells
>the clerk, "Quisiera calcetines".  The clerk tells him, "Sorry buddy but I
>don't speak no Spanish"  and motions him over to the catalog to find what
>he is looking for.  The man leafs through the catalog, sees tools, women's
>underwear, men's underwear, finally sees what he is looking for and
>exclaims, "Eso si que es!"  The clerk replies, "Well hell buddy, if you'd a
>spelled it before for me I could of showed you right away."
>Eso si que es = socks
>Chuck Borsos
>Santa Cruz, CA

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