OK OK Here's the rest of them

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OKOK. Here's the rest of them. (Too many private requests.)

It's from A. Jimenez, Picardia Mexicana, 1965 (20th edition, first edition
1960), Libro Mex, Mexico City.

The full text is:

Telegramas Nacionales
Mas Noticias de Guerra

Nippon Press
Saigon, Indochina, 7 de julio 1941. - FLASH

Arribaron a esta poblacion fueraz de ocupacion japonesas, comandadas por
los generales:

Machaira Sakkudas
Tinyek Toho Koky
Yokero Tuchiko
Kommo Teheide
Mipicha Tikabe
Yotago Tui Jitto
Shimimama Yoro
Tunalga Tessuda
Minabo Tadduro
Tuhoyo Teatako
Mokko Yamma
Hoguita Tekojo
Yanomi Loto Kes
Kimono Tuo Yitto
Tuchiche Takaida
Nojoda Migatta

(Looks like I left a "t" out of old Nojada's surname in my last posting.

Although this entry is followed by an unfortunate racist cartoon, I believe
it too is from the original which Jimenez collected, and the book depicts
Mexican folklore (with a special emphasis on lingusitic lore) which is true
to the time of collection (and obviously years before). It contains a great
deal of "paperwork empire" folklore, to use Alan Dundes' term, (long before
the photocopy popularity of such stuff, certainly passed around in browned
old typewritten form when I was a kid).

If you have any interest in American Spanish language folklore, you really
ought to have a look at this whole book, not just these remarkable
interlingual puns.


PS: I ain't translating all this stuff for you; get your own local bilingual.

PPS: The translator should probably be a Mexican; some of this stuff is
regionally restricted. BUT HEY! This is a dialect list, ain't it (innit)?

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