Luppies; Me Tarzan, You Jane

Bonnie Osborn Briggs BBriggs at LATTE.MEMPHIS.EDU
Wed Jun 23 20:48:26 UTC 1999

Could this be a throw back to the old Righteous Brothers song - Little
Latin Luppie?

Bonnie Briggs
The University of Memphis

Bapopik at AOL.COM wrote:
>     In today's New York Post, there's a review of the magazine LATINA
> (intended for Latin women).  It's stated that the magazine is intended for
> "luppies."  These would be, I guess, Latin "yuppies."
>     There is no "luppy" in the RHHDAS H-O.
>     There were five hits on for "luppies."  All of them were for
> "lesbian yuppies."  One hit was part of an interesting 11-28-98 posting
> titled "Gay Slang."
>     So what it is--are "luppies" Latin, lesbian, or both?
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ---------------------------------------------
>     I saw the latest Disney film, TARZAN.  It takes place in Africa, yet not
> one character speaks with an African dialect!  Rosie O'Donnell's voice is
> used--it must be for the Long Island part of Africa.
>     Also, lots of gorillas in Africa speak entirely in American slang.
>     I'll go to Africa on Friday, July 2, to check it out.

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