Spanish words for pussy

RonButters at AOL.COM RonButters at AOL.COM
Wed Jun 23 23:03:06 UTC 1999

I see now the error of my ways. This is what happens when one learns a
language form trying to converse with native speakers in a real-language
setting, rather than taking a class in college.

One afternoon while I was living in Guadalajara, Jalisco, 20+ years ago, two
men appeared at my door one afternoon when my Spanish-fluent boyfriend was
not around to handle the situation. They asked if they could borrow "una
gata." Well, my Spanish wasn't what I would have liked it to be, but I did go
and get Pussy and hold her up questioningly. They laughed wholesomely, then
said, "No quero una gatita, quero una gata de coche" or something like that
("una gata por mi coche? --para mi coche?" NEVER DID figure out the
difference between POR and PARA).

I assumed at that point that GATITA was like PERITA--that that was the way
that one identified a female cat as opposed to a tomcat.Of course, I never
had occasion to say GATA "pussy"--after all, why would the sex of a kitty be
important to me?

When I was studying French in college, I was told that LRE CHAT and LA CHAT
were quite different--but that LA CHAT was not a female cat. I was told to
beware of saying LA CHAT. Was this a piece of knowledge that was equally

*****in reply to:
Dennis writes:
Si Senhor, you are right about Michigan sexuality (done with guns mostly,
usually as part of a militia group).

But the diminutive (gatita) is not necessary to indicate that a cat is
female ("una gata," sin "-ita," will do). You are right that "una gata" may
also be a car jack. Just a little friendly homophony. (Unless you're one of
those homonophobes!)


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