Spanish and French words for pussy

Thu Jun 24 21:51:35 UTC 1999

1:      Concha as Spanish slang for pussy.  A friend in college (early
1960s, New York) told me that a Spanish speaking factory hand he
worked with at a summer job would speak of an appealing woman as a
"concha d'oro".  It's not at all likely that this man would have been
from the Argentine -- Puerto Rico is the best bet -- and so that
significance of "concha" must be more widespread than just
Argentinian Spanish.

2:      Chatte as French slang for pussy.  My son came back from a visit
to France with a couple of French skin magazines which I spent a few
delightful and instructive minutes reading.  One lassie offered those
of her fans who would write to her "un poil de ma chatte".  I do not
remember whether this offer was made out of pure gratitude for their
interest, or whether there was a charge for them.  Nor did I note
her address, so please don't ask.

Since we have wandered into foreign dialects, I will ask the group
this: a friend, a native speaker of German, complained to me
recently that she had lost track of current German slang.  She had
read something that had used the word "zocher" to mean "gambler",
a word unfamiliar to her.  I wondered whether it could be derived
from the English word "sucker".  She thought not.  Any opinions?


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